Whether you are  a recreational, tek or cave diver, thanks to its simplicity and robustness, the TRITON CCR is the perfect tool for your underwater explorations and your travels to the end of the world.

On this website you will be able to discover the different configurations and follow Team TRITON CCR through dive stories carried out with the TRITON CCR.

Lightweight, Compact, Efficient


Made in France

The connections developed by M3S on the basis of a clip system guarantee proper assembly. As long as the connection is not fully engaged, it is impossible to put the clip in place. It is also impossible to reverse connectors, a dual keying system.

Breathing hoses are made of clear blue silicone with an anti-bacterial treatment.

The tip (DSV) has been designed to be lightweight in the mouth and easily handled. All plastic parts are manufactured in POM-C.

Unlike other rebreathers, the TRITON is ventral. This characteristic allows it great adaptation capacity.

The rebreather consists of a Kevlar® bag protecting the Counter-lungs and a 2.1kg filter of lime*.

The 1.5L oxygen cylinder is attached to it under the bag.

3 oxygen sensors allow the analysis of the breathing gas. They are placed in a removable chamber which is clipped on the inspiratory false lung.

The TRITON is fitted as standard with a PpO2 display controlling a HUD. As an option, the Petrel 2 computer or the NERD 2 from Shearwater can be integrated.

With its 12.2kg ready to dive ** the TRITON is the lightest rebreather and the 7Kg ready to travel *** makes it the rebreather of choice for the travelling diver.

* (certified lime sofnolime 797)

** (complete rebreather with lime and oxygen)

*** (rebreather without lime and without oxygen cylinder)

12.2kg ready to dive


** (complete rebreather with lime and oxygen)

Breathing hoses

in clear blue silicone with anti-bacterial treatment.

1.5L to optimize weight and bulk.

O   Bottle

protecting the counter-lungs and the 2.1kg lime filter*.

Kevlar® bag

Mouth piece (DSV)

specially made to be light in the mouth and easily handled.


developed to ensure secure mounting.

PpO2 & Hud display

fitted as standard, as an option, the Petrel 2 or NERD 2 from Shearwater.



CE Standard


The TRITON is the first and only mechanically controlled closed circuit rebreather to be approved in accordance with the CE EN 14143 : 2013 0 - 100m.

It is approved according to this standard for use in water from 4°C to 34°C

Limited to 6 meters in pure oxygen

Limited to 40 meters with AIR diluent

Limited to 100 meters with TRIMIX diluent.

The TRITON is the CE approved rebreather with the best work of breathing (wob) 1.57 j/L at 100m at 75 L /min with HELIOX 10/90 diluent.

The TRITON's autonomy in accordance with the CE norms is:

2 hours dive profile  with 40 min at 40 m under CE conditions (40 L/min at 4°C and 1.6 L/min of CO2)

CO2 breakdown : 70 min at 40 m at 40 L /min at 4°C and 1.6 L / min of CO2 *.

2 hours dive profile with 10 min at 100 m under CE conditions (40 L /min at 4°C and 1.6 L/min. of CO2)

CO2 breakdown : 60 min at 100 m at 40 L/min at 4°C and 1.6 L/min of CO2 *.

3 hours dive profile with 100 min at 40m under CE conditions (40 L/min at 14°C and 1.6 L/min of CO2)

CO2 breakdown : 120 min at 40 m at 40 L /min at 14°C and 1.6L / min of CO2 *

* (certified lime sofnolime 797)

** (complete rebreather with lime and oxygen)

*** (rebreather without lime and without oxygen cylinder)

The TRITON is invented, developed and manufactured in France by M3S. It has established partnerships and collaborations with French companies specialized in their respective fields. It also manages and provides after-sales service for all parts.

Made in France


Recreational - Tek - Caver


Light and compact, the TRITON will be your ideal companion for your travels around the world.


Certified, the TRITON allows you to optimize all your dives from 0 to 100 m deep.


The underground world of cave divers is at your fingertips with your TRITON.

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